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MIN ConsoleUI


Tutorial to MIN Console UI


MIN Console UI is a menu-based application, which can be used to manually execute test cases from the normal text console. The MIN Console UI application provides a simple way to list and execute test cases. It also shows the progress of ongoing test cases and the results of the executed test cases.

Note: MIN Console UI requires the Ncurses library.

How to start MIN Console UI

To start the MIN Console UI from the command line, type min (note that MIN has to be installed).

When MIN starts it checks if:

  • there is already MIN running
  • there are TMC processes
  • there is message queue left behind

When starting MIN, it searches min.conf file from following locations:

  1. Current working directory
  2. /home/<user name>/.min
  3. /etc

Note: MIN can be also used from command line as explained in MIN commandline options.

Menu navigation

MIN Console UI supports four-way navigation, which allows easier navigation in the menu system. One key is used to activate an item from the menu, and the other key is used to change the selection. Supported keys are described below.

Arrow down
Change the position down by one menu item. If the end of the list is reached, the position is changed to the beginning of the list.
Arrow up
Change the position up by one menu item. If the beginning of the list is reached, the position is changed to the end of the list.
Arrow right or Enter
Select menu item.
Arrow left
Navigate back to the previous menu.

Selecting Exit in the Main menu closes MIN Console UI.

Starting a test case

To start a single test case, go to Start new case under the Case menu and select a particular case from the list. MIN Console UI starts to execute the chosen test case. A new test case can be started while another is still executed. When several cases are executed at the same time, they are executed in separate processes.

To start multiple test cases, go to Run multiple tests under the Case menu and select/mark test cases to be executed from the list and run selected test case either sequentially or in parallel.

Lists of started test cases

The Case menu offers a list of Ongoing cases, Executed cases, Passed cases, Failed cases and Aborted/Crashed cases. When selecting one of these, a list of the cases is shown on the display. The list is updated whenever the test case status is changed. For example, when a case is finished, it is moved from the ongoing cases list to either the list of passed or failed cases, depending on the result of the test case.

All Case menu lists are described below:

Ongoing cases
Lists test cases which are currently running.
Executed cases
Lists executed test cases.
Passed cases
Lists passed test cases.
Failed cases
Lists failed test cases.
Aborted/Crashed cases
Lists aborted/crashed/timeouted test cases.

Aborting, suspending and resuming a test case

When selecting a case from the Ongoing cases list, a new menu is shown that allows to abort or suspend the test case execution, or resume the execution in case it was suspended. In Ongoing cases list, paused test cases are displayed with (paused) text following test case title. Test case execution can be controlled with following options:

Suspends a currently running test case.
Resumes the execution of suspended test case.
Abort case
Aborts the execution of test case.

Viewing the test case result

To view the test case result, select a test case from any of sub-menu of Case menu lists. A new menu is shown. The user will see the test case result including result info, result description, test case execution start and end time.

Viewing the test case output

To view the test case output, select a test case from any of sub.menu of Case menu lists. A new operation-specific menu is shown. By selecting View Output, the user will see the test case output.

By pressing arrow left key, the focus is returned to the previous menu.

Loading a test module

When MIN Console UI starts it loads test modules defined in MIN initialization file min.conf. However, test modules can be also loaded on run time.

To load a test module from MIN Console UI on run time, select Module menu from the Main menu. Module menu shows a list of already loaded test modules. Continue by selecting Add test module from the Module menu and then pick a test module from the list of available test modules. To finish loading of a new test module, select test case file(s) for it and continue by selecting Add selected test case file(s) from the Add test case file menu. New test module is now loaded, it is visible in the Module menu and its test cases are ready to be executed.

Test sets

The MIN Console UI application can be used to create a test set containing a set of test cases that can be run either sequentially or in parallel. MIN Console UI supports one test set at a time, but a different test set can be loaded via Load test set menu, which specifies the test set name.

Test set controlling is handled from the Test set menu that can be found from the Main menu of MIN Console UI. The Test set menu provides the possibility to create or load a test set, or to control a test set (add/remove test cases, save, remove or execute test set).

The saved test set name is created using time stamp date and time for example 2008-12-3_14:52.set. The default path for test sets is /home/<username>/.min. This is the location to which test sets are saved and from which they are loaded.

All Test set menu options are described below:

Create/modify test set
Allows to create a test set.
Load test set
Displays list of test sets and allows loading of a test set.
Start sequential test set execution
Starts executing test cases from the test set sequentially.
Start parallel test set execution
Starts executing test cases from the test set parallel.
Remove test set
Removes all test cases from the test set.
Save test set
Saves a test set.
Add test case to test set
Adds test cases to the test set.
Remove test case from test set
Removes test cases from the test set.

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