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MIN Test Module Template Wizard


Test Module Template Wizard tutorial


The MIN Test Module Template Wizard can be used to create a skeleton for MIN test module or test class fast and easily.

Creating a test module

Start the wizard by issuing command createtestmodule or createtestmodule++ for C++ enabled test module.

1. Select the module type by entering the *shortcut* letter.

  Enter ModuleType?:
	  normal = creates an empty test module.
	  hardcoded = creates test module that uses hardcoded test cases.
	  testclass = creates test class which is used with TestScripter?.
	  luatestclass = creates test class which is used with LuaScripter?.
	  minunit =  creates xUnit compatible test module
	  exit = Exit.
  Enter ModuleType? (name/shortcut):
  • n for normal.
  • h for hard coded.
  • t for test class.
  • l for lua test class.
  • m for MINUnit

2. Give a name for the module

3. Give the path to where you want the module to be created.

  • enter selects the home directory
  • "." selects the current directory

4. It is also possible to execute createtestmodule script in a fastest way, by providing parameters as the arguments, like on the following example:

 maemo@maemo:~$ createtestmodule n NewModule? /tmp
 Create test module of type n with name NewModule? to /tmp/
 Starting module creation to /tmp/NewModule?/
 Processing .
 Processing NEWS
 Processing Makefile.am
 Processing configure.in
 Processing createmodule
 Processing ChangeLog?
 Processing build.sh
 Processing AUTHORS
 Processing README
 Processing Makefile.cvs
 Processing src
 Processing TestModuleXXX.c
 Processing TestModuleXXX.h
 Processing TestModuleXXXCases.c
 Processing debian
 Processing postinst
 Processing control
 Processing prerm
 Module created to /tmp/NewModule?/

Compiling a test module

Go to the directory of newly created test module and issue command sh build.sh. The script compiles the test module/class and installs it to ~/.min directory. In case of test modules, also the ~/.min/min.conf file is automatically patched with the new module definition, so that you should see the test module and test cases in ConsoleUI menus.

Re-compiling a test module

The test module or test class can be re-compiled with command make and the compiled module installed with command make install. You can also run all the test cases in the module from console as explained in MIN commandline options.

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