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Moblin Roadmap

Moblin roadmap

Here we'll document a list of problems that should be fixed for a "complete" moblin release.

Known issues

   * Blocker:
      * Mail saved to draft is not properly restored if it has images.
   * Major:
      * Addressbook integration. _In progress (jdapena)_
      * Incoming mail notifications.
      * Remove attachment in editor not implemented.
   * Normal:
      * Translation for default signature should be different depending on platform.
      * Only show one notification.
      * Menu should appear below the mouse pointer to avoid needing to do large movements.
      * Sometimes replying "eats" characters in recipients.
      * Dates should be shown without seconds.
      * Ctrl+F should show find toolbar
      * Closing view with Esc doesn't update the title.
      * Window icons.
      * Toolbar shouldn't be focusable.
      * Font size shown in editor is not ok.
      * "Find on page" show -/-
      * New message -/- in view
      * wdgt_bd_search in header view.
      * Color  button shows border in editor toolbar
      * Font and size buttons show empty.
      * Insert image dialog should show images folder by default.
      * Remove smtp servers button if conic is not used.


   * Better icon for menu.
   * Darker color for signature.

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