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Modest Addressbook Integration

Modest addressbook integration

Modest provides integration for each platform addressbook. This is done using a common modest-address-book.h file, and specific implementations depending on platform. So, we only support one addressbook implementation at a time.

In fact, we currently support these implementations:

  • src/hildon2/modest-address-book.c: based on libosso-abook 4.
  • src/modest-dummy-address-book.c: dummy implementation.


  • modest_address_book_add_address_list_with_selector: shows UI to select some addresses to add to the addressbook. This is used in modest when "add to addressbook automatically" mode is not selected.
  • modest_address_book_add_address_list: adds a list of addresses automatically to the addressbook (the ones not already available in addressbook).
  • modest_address_book_get_my_name: obtains the name of the "me" user. This is done with method osso_abook_self_contact_get_default ().
  • modest_address_book_has_address: check if an address already exists in the addressbook.
  • modest_address_book_check_names: checks the names in a recipient editor, to replace them with the existing entries in addressbook.
  • modest_address_book_select_addresses: show a dialog to choose some contacts, and adds them to the recipient editor.
  • modest_address_book_add_address: launches UI for adding an address to the addressbook.
  • modest_addres_book_init: initialises addressbook.

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