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Modest Platform

Modest for specific platforms and toolkits

Modest has been designed with the goal of being multiplatform, and allowing ports for gnome and maemo at least, while opened to other targets.

The process was:

  • Modest 1.x and Modest 2.x: maemo pre5 targeted. Experimental gnome based platform.
  • Modest 3.x: maemo 5 targetted. Experimental gnome platform dropped.
  • Modest 3.90.x: support for maemo 5 (product quality) and moblin/gtk (experimental but more mature).

Here we'll describe the parts delegated to specific platforms or toolkits

Modest Platform

  • get_osso_context: gets the osso context of the application.
  • on_runtime_initialized: checks if runtime init has finished.
  • get_device: obtains the TnyDevice instance for the platform.
  • get_icon: obtains an icon specific to the platform.
  • set_update_interval: set the interval used to autoretrieve.
  • get_global_settings_dialog: obtains the dialog for global modest settings.
  • get_account_settings_wizard
  • push_email_notification: send the proper email notification for current context (emit sound tone, vibrate, hildon notification, etc).
  • remove_new_email_notifications: used for removing the notifications of email for an account.
  • show_help_ shows the proper help for this context (deprecated).
  • show_search_messages: call the platform search dialog. Deprecated.
  • show_addressbook: shows addressbook app. Deprecated.
  • check_memory_low: checks if disk space is not enough.
  • run_folder_details_dialog and run_header_details_dialog: shows the dialog with the details of a folder or header.

Connection handling

These methods are used to handle the connection request process:

  • connect_and_wait: attempts to make a connection, showing proper dialog if needed (i.e dialog to choose the network to use).
  • connect_and_wait_if_network_account: same as the previous one, but if the account provided is not a network account then it calls the callback immediately.
  • connect_and_wait_if_network_folder_store. Similar to previous one.
  • check_and_wait_for_account_is_online: this waits for an specific account to be online some attempts.
  • connect_and_perform: connects to network and begins an operation.
  • connect_if_remote_and_perform: connects to network and begins an operation. If account is local, run the callback immediately.
  • double_connect_and_perform
  • get_current_connection: tells the connection being used currently

Mime files and uris handling

In hildon, it uses HildonMime? library.

  • get_file_icon_name: obtains the proper icon name for a file path, using platform specific support. In hildon we use hildon mime library. In gtk we use gnome vfs or gio.
  • activate_uri: uses platform handler for uris. It's used for calling the proper app for a specific handler.
  • activate_file: uses platform handelr for a file. It's used for calling a proper app for a specific file (i.e. opening a file in view_attachment).
  • show_uri_popup: show the popup of actions alternative to activation for a uri.

Folder dialogs

These dialogs have some code refactored, mainly to show the picker for folders (in new and move to dialogs).

  • run_new_folder_dialog
  • run_rename_folder_dialog
  • create_folder_view. Creates a folder view for platform.

Dialogs and notifications

  • run_confirmation_dialog: shows a confirmation (yes/no) dialog
  • run_confirmation_dialog_with_buttons: shows the confirmation dialog, but allows to add custom buttons.
  • run_information_dialog: shows an information dialog (information note in modest).
  • create_sort_dialog: creates the proper dialog for sort options in this platform.
  • information_banner: shows an information banner.
  • system_banner: shows a system information banner
  • information_banner_with_timeout: creates an information banner that will be auto removed on a custom timeout.
  • animation_banner: shows an animation banner
  • run_certificate_confirmation_dialog: shows the certificate dialog.
  • run_alert_dialog: shows a dialog with a warning or alert.

Modest addressbook

This is described in a different article.

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