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Modest Streams

Streams in modest

Mime part streams

From a mime part we can get two streams:

  • The raw stream, with the exact content of the body
  • A decoded stream, with a utf8 or binary representation of the body.

Stream cache

Modest uses a stream cache for caching the external images. This stream cache wraps access to the remote uris making the fetch process store the images in the local file system while also providing stream to fetch the images as they're fetched.

Attachment streams

We use the attachment streams in these cases:

  • When we create an attachment in editor we create a mime part pointing to a stream. This stream is created from the attachment uri using TnyVfsStream?.
  • When we save an attachment in view, we dump the stream to a vfs stream of the destination.
  • When we view an attachment, we dump the stream to a temp stream and then call to open it.

Special streams

  • ModestStreamTextToHtml?: creates an html representation of a plain text stream. It also "hyperlinkifies". This is used for showing plain text bodies in modest, replacing the uris with links user can activate.
  • ModestStreamHtmlToText?: creates a plain text version of an html stream. This is used for quoting.
  • ModestCountStream?: used for counting the size of a mime part when we cannot get this information in other way.
  • ModestTnyStreamGtkHtml?: wrapper for GtkHtml? streams. This is for allowing to feed gtkhtml streams with tinymail streams information. I.e. when an html refers to a multipart/related part.
  • modest_utils_create_temp_stream: creates a temporary file and a stream to write to it. This is used on opening files for viewing.

Account protocol streams

We allow to fetch some streams directly through the account protocols. This is used for providing specific streams for fetching mime parts in account protocols when they allow to fetch mime parts in a different way.

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