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Modest Toolkit

Modest toolkit framework

Since modest 3.90.x series, Modest has suffered a refactoring implying moving almost all available implementation to the one we target for Fremantle.

The ideas were:

  • Reduce maintenance effort using more common code for hildon and gtk versions.
  • Try to align the user experience in all platforms to the one we did in Fremantle.

The implementation is based on providing same interface for widgets specific for hildon or gtk.

Modest toolkit factory

The toolkit factory is used for instantiating the toolkit specific implementation of a control or widget.

I.e. for a toggle, we use HildonCheckButton or GtkToggleButton. For a "selector" we use a HildonPickerButton or a GtkComboBox.

List of widgets instantiated with ModestToolkit

  • !Scrollable: HildonPannableArea and GtkScrolledWindow
  • CheckButton: HildonCheckButton and GtkToggleButton
  • CheckMenu: HildonCheckButton and !GtkCheckMenuItem
  • !ISearchToolbar: HildonFindToolbar and ModestFindToolbar
  • !Entry: HildonEntry and GtkEntry
  • NumberEntry: ModestNumberEditor and GtkSpinButton
  • FileChooserDialog: HildonFileSelector and GtkFileChooserDialog
  • CountrySelector: ModestCountryPicker and ModestCountryComboBox
  • ProviderSelector: ModestProviderPicker and ModestProviderComboBox
  • ServerTypeSelector: ModestServerTypePicker and ModestServerTypeComboBox
  • ServerSecuritySelector: ModestServerSecurityPicker and ModestServerSecurityComboBox
  • SecureAuthSelector: ModestSecureAuthPicker and ModestSecureAuthComboBox
  • SecurityOptionsView:
  • TextView: HildonTextView and GtkTextView
  • DetailsDialogWithHeader and DetailsDialogWithFolder

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