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Send Receive Sequence

Send receive sequence

Send and receive operation is started in two places:

  • modest_ui_actions_on_send_receive (from UI send receive buttons)
  • Dbus event (for scheduled send receive).

They both call modest_ui_actions_do_send_receive_all, or modest_ui_actions_do_send_Receive (that updates just one account).


  • Checks the account to perform send receive.
  • Obtains the server account for that account.
  • Checks if the send receive is not interactive. If not, check if the account has the tag no_auto_update, that disables automatic send receives (i.e. send receive is handled internally).
  • Does connect and perform, to only do send receive if we have network connection.
  • Launch update account mail operation


  • Obtains the server store account
  • Sets in account manager that account is busy (to show "updating" in accounts view).
  • Obtains the folders (tny_folder_store_get_folders_async and recurse_folders_async_cb). This asynchronous operations traverse all the folders of the account.
  • For each folder, it does tny_folder_poke_status (that refreshes the count of messages and unread messages).
  • But, if the folder is inbox, it refreshes the folder. This means fetching all the new headers. On finishing the refresh, it runs inbox_refreshed_cb. Any observer of the folder (i.e. the headers list) will be updated with the new headers.
  • inbox_refreshed_cb reviews the list of new headers, updates the account manager busy state, and then checks to retrieve the latest messages (the full messages).
  • The procedure follows fetching the latest messages with tny_folder_get_msg_async.
  • Once all the messages has been received, then it will ask for sending mails in the mail queues.

New messages notifications to headers list

The headers list (widget ModestHeaderView) is a GtkTreeView that has as model the object TnyGtkHeaderListModel. This model is:

   * A TnyList with all the headers of a folder
   * A TnyFolderObserver, that listens to changes in folder, and updates the list inside with the changes (new messages, removed messages, flags, etc).
   * A GtkListStore. This is just pointing to the headers too, but only the headers we allow to be seen in header view. This is how we implement showing only the latest messages.

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