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Tap And Hold

Tap and Hold Support

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gtk.Widget.tap_and_hold_setup(menu=None, callback=None, data=None)

Configures a widget to handle tap-and-hold signals.

  • menu - gtk.Menu that will be shown
  • callback - Function for calculating the menu position. It will receive at least the menu that will be shown and the widget that generated the signal. Optionally it can receive the extra data. It should return a tuple (int,int,bool), with the x and y coordinates and if the menu should be "pushed" into the screen instead of just clamped to the size of the screen.
  • data - Extra data to be passed to the positioning function.

gtk.tap_and_hold_menu_position_top(menu, widget, data=None)

Provided function to position the menu right above the top-left corner of the original widget. Not intended to be used directly by the user. Instead, pass it to tap_and_hold_setup:

widget.tap_and_hold_setup(menu, callback=gtk.tap_and_hold_menu_position_top)

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