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What Is Angstron 2


Angstron 2 is big Action RPG package made of small 15~20 minutes-long episodes, meant to be played on the go and with big focus on connectivity. It is already available on OtherPlataforms?, but is on Maemo that it really shines. The idea is to have small episodes so that its easier to produce ( the more episodes, the best is the re-use) of resources.

The idea is to re-invent the first person action RPG genre for mobile devices not by simply porting a game and creating new levels, but rather trying new control schemes and testing usability on diferent scenarios (while standing on a line, playing on a shaky bus, playing on the bed, etc). Given the devices big screen, stylus-gestures? is a good starting point for casting spells and more complicated moves - but the basic focus is still on OneHandPlay?.
See FrequentlyAskedQuestions for more information

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