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+!!! Modest development wiki
+Modest is an email client, intended for usage in embedded devices.
+This is the development wiki. You can also access to:
+* [Modest project webpage | http://modest.garage.maemo.org]
+* [Modest project services in garage | http://garage.maemo.org/projects/modest]
+How to build modest?
+* [Diablo build | DiabloBuild]
+Technical documentation:
+* [Modest architecture | ModestArchitecture]
+* [Plugin API | PluginAPI]
+* [Development tricks | DevelopmentTricks]
+Implementation notes:
+* [Attachment detection | AttachmentDetection]
+* [Moblin roadmap | MoblinRoadmap]
+About WikiWikiWeb:
 * What is a WikiWikiWeb? A description of this application.
 * Learn HowToUseWiki and learn about AddingPages.
 * Use the SandBox page to experiment with Wiki pages.

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