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''What is Canola? Canola isn't just another player for the Maemo platform. Canola is a different way of using your Maemo enabled device when all you really want is to consume media. That's what Canola is all about : Consuming media. Without stylus. Simple, fast, stable, smooth and what we think as most important: fun.''

Canola has a very simple feature set, and we will keep it that way. If we can improve features that exist today so they can be better in the future, we will do it before adding new ones.

In this first release Canola (beta) can talk to UPnP Media Servers in all platforms. It can also receive streamed podcasts, internet radios and even your friend's pictures from any rss enabled photo sharing site (like Flickr, Picasa WebAlbums? etc.).

Canola exists today only because of the Maemo platform. The platform is a playground for hackers to create and experiment, and we are just astonished about how incredible it is for development and most important: how it's becoming a new way to see mobile Linux.

our site is coming : http://openbossa.indt.org/canola/ (not available yet)

Usage Tips

  • Video Tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hCg90Pz0as or high quality video here http://www.marceloeduardo.com/upload/Canola_howto.MP4
  • Fast go to home/main screen: hit the big icon on the left side.
  • Change sound volume from any screen: use +/-? hardware keys at device's top.
  • Fast go to list start/end: hold the fullscreen hardware key and press on screen up/down.
  • Returning to folder where Now Playing started: If you started listening to some Music from some complex path like Audio Library/Genre/Heavy Metal/Metallica/One/, then you went to other folder... your path is saved and can be recovered: Go to main screen, Audio, Now Playing, then hit back.

Usage Tips

Our recommendation in order to provide a more stable user experience is that you enable swap memory on your 770. You can learn to do that by clicking here. link to swap?

But why? The thing is, some Canola features are naturally hungry resource consumers, and they can make your device freeze. Enabling memory swapping is not only good for Canola, but for your 770 in a general way.


770 device rebooting too often? Check maemo wiki on how to discover reboot reason, most of times osso-media-server is the problem.

Known issues

We expect to get lots of feedbacks. Good ones, bad ones and the most important: the constructive ones. These feedbacks will enable us to improve Canola in a way we believe to be very important: The way that you, Canola users, want.

So, before sending us some bugs, take a peek into this list to see whether it's already here. If so, it's very likely that we are already fixing it, bug reporting to other project, or even trying to modify Canola to behave better about it until a solution turns up.

Security Paranoid (canola-conf starts at

Canola-conf is the process which scans for new media and serves our Web-UI for "Configure Canola", it runs on boot and is also started by canola and canola-applet, using DBus activation.

This web server is really simple and doesn't export any files. It can be protected with HTTP Authentication, just set a password using the web configuration tool.

However, some people don't like any process listening to the internet (which happens if you're connected to it), in this case you can have it to just bind to some address, just set it using GConf (no easier way yet):

   gconftool-2 --set /apps/canola-conf/httpd-address --type string "localhost"

You can change the port with:

   gconftool-2 --set /apps/canola-conf/httpd-port --type int 8080


The device, as any personal computer device, can run out of memory. This will cause strange effects, and some of those can be produced when using Canola. Trying to load big pictures (e.g. 1600x1200) to show on the 800x480 screen gives the 770 a big workload, and consumes a lot of memory.

Solution: Resize your pictures to the optimal sizes of 640x480 or 800x480 before sending it to the device. This will not only speed up the image browsing (as no resize is required) but will also let you do other things like playing music while re-scanning the library in the background without any problems.

Other scenarios where it happens:

When trying to stream not optimized videos via UPnP. Solution: use the Maemo movie converter.

"'If you remove the memory card while using it as swap memory"', you will face some heavy system instability. This is a logical problem and will happen even outside of Canola, so avoid this at all costs. If you really need to use the card, turn the swap off or turn the device off and use a memory card reader.

If the device starts rebooting sequentially, just remove the battery.

Canola screen is black when minimized

When you hit the "home" button on your maemo device, you can hit it again to return to Canola. In this first release, Canola doesn't come back in the first keypress and the screen remains black on the application view (see image). This is due to some issues in the SDL library that don't deal very well with the system signals.

Solution: Pretty simple: just hit the home button twice, or select Canola twice from the taskbar (see image).

Otherwise just report a bug at Tracker

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