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Quick start

 * Download your maemo SDK environment from here
 * Download the packages from here
 * Install them in your maemo environment
 * Create your own package from CPAN MyPackage?::Foo. You can put your env variables in your ~/.bashrc
 unset PERL5LIB
 export PATH=/usr/bin/dh7:/usr/bin:$PATH
 dh-make-perl --build --cpan MyPackage?::Foo

Current status

The first packages have been uploaded. Please provide feedback.

History of this project

I was working to port for a VDI platform (QVD which is written in Perl), and I was missing dh-make-perl for Maemo. So let's build it up.

Now I have moved the most of it to here

Development/Porting Notes

I have hacked together some DevelopmentNotes, hopefully they might be useful to others.

Download page

The download page can be found here

Other links

 * Maemo Perl wiki
 * How to build perl Deb packages
 * Maemo SDK

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