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Snippets by category: UNIX Admin

Snippet ID Title
1test_sourcesLuis Lorenzo
Comprueba si los repositorios listados en /etc/apt/sources.list son accesibles. En caso afirmativo los activa. En caso contrario los desactiva. Evita la mayoria de los "Imposible actualizar" del Adm. Aplicaciones.
Hay que ejecutarlo como root
----------- O O O ------------------
It tests if the repositories listed in the /etc/apt/sources.list can be acceded. If it's the case then the repository is activated. In other case the repository is deactivated. It avoid the most of the "Impossible update" of the Applications Manager. It must be run as root.
2Usb-Hos2Peripheral Peripheral2UsbHostIvan Pereira Rios
Changes Usb-Host to Usb-Peripheral and Usb-Peripheral to Usb-Host

Need to be root.

run the script ./usbhost


./usbhost Usb-Host to make Usb-host
./usbhost NoUsb-Host to make peripheral
./usbhost CambioEstado changes one to another

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