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Snippets by language: C

Snippet ID Title
Packages Of Snippets2Using the Virtual Keyboard in plain X11 programsRene Hexel
These snippets show you you can port plain X11 programs to the Nokia 770 so that they can receive input from the Virtual Keyboard / Handwriting recognition. The trick is to create a light weight GDK wrapper around an existing X11 window, showing/hiding the virtual keyboard on demand, and turning the hildon input method messages into X11 key events.
5OthelloTill Harbaum
The game of Othello ported to Maemo
22Post SimFelipe Tavares
Simulator of Post Machine.
28car video AppChin-Chung Chen
35btscannerSyake Saba
btscanner port for n900.
3Turning a plain X11 Window into a GTK WindowRene Hexel
While ordinary X11 program compile and run on the Nokia 770, the virtual keyboard/handwriting recognition only interacts with GDK. So the first step, is to create a GDK wrapper around a plain X11 window. I'll show how the soft keyboard can be turned on/off in a separate snippet.
4Showing the Virtual Keyboard in X11 programsRene Hexel
This snippet shows how you can manually show or hide the virtual keyboard (handwriting recognition) Input Method in a plain X11 program. First, you need to create a GDK wrapper around your window (see snippet 3), then you can use this snippet to show or hide the input method. I'll show how you can actually get keyboard input in a separate snippet.
5Getting input from the Virtual Keyboard in X11 programsRene Hexel
Here is some basic code that shows how you can can turn input from the virtual keyboard (or handwriting recognition) into X11 keyboard events that can be interpreted by plain X11 programs. This works for plain ASCII. If you want to handle full UTF8 input, better handle the intercepted input (see snippet) directly rather than re-posting it as X11 keyboard events! This snippet assumes that you have already created a GDK wrapper around your window (see snippet 3) and have set up the keyboard / handwriting recognition (see snippet 4).
8libconic connection event handler w/ roamingHauke Lampe

Handling only CON_IC_STATUS_CONNECTED and _DISCONNECTED can leave the application in a false disconnected state.

Problem: When switching from GPRS to/from WLAN, we receive STATUS_CONNECTED for the new IAP first, then STATUS_DISCONNECTED for the previous IAP.

In STATUS_DISCONNECTING, save disconnecting IAP ID and set self->connected to FALSE

STATUS_CONNECTED sets self->connected to TRUE

if STATUS_DISCONNECTED is called with the same IAP ID and self->connected has reverted to TRUE, ignore the event
9Car Video RecorderChang Tai Chang
Car Video Recorder for NOKIA N900
This is an function testing code.
Media framework depending on gstreamer.
Extra depend package : gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-subtitles.

1.Record H.264 video to /home/user/MyDocs/r.avi
2.Speed from GPS
3.Record with speed


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