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FCam::Image to OpenCV cv::Mat

GNU General Public License
Converts an FCam image to an OpenCV cv::Mat.

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Sebastian Koch
Snippet ID Download Version Date Posted Author Delete
220.32012-05-15 13:59Sebastian Koch
Changes since last version::
removed class name
210.22012-05-15 13:59Sebastian Koch
Changes since last version::
returning NULL was bad, just removed error checking
200.12012-05-15 13:43Sebastian Koch

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Latest Snippet Version: :0.3

cv::Mat fcam_to_cv(const FCam::Image im)
    // expects an UYVY image

    int width = im.width();
    int height = im.height();

    cv::Mat src = cv::Mat(height, width * 2, CV_8UC1).reshape(2);

    for (int y=0;y<src.rows;y++){
        cv::Vec2b* r = src.ptr<cv::Vec2b>(y);
        for (int i=0; i<src.cols; i = i+2){
            // fancy stuff to get the correct colors
            r[i] = cv::Vec2b(im(i+1,y)[0],im(i,y)[1]);
            r[i+1] = cv::Vec2b(im(i,y)[0],im(i+1,y)[1]);
    cv::Mat img = cv::Mat(height, width * 3, CV_8UC1).reshape(3);


    return img;


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