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366 projects in result set. Displaying 20 per page. Projects sorted by activity ranking.
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21. eCoach - eCoach is an application for recording and managing sport activities on Nokia N900. Information is based on GPS &amp; heart rate data. Currently heart rate data is supported from FRWD B600 and Zephyr HXM heart rate monitors.
Activity Percentile: 61.68
Activity Ranking: 42.00
Register Date: 2008-05-27 07:09

22. FCam Camera Control API - FCam is an easy-to-use yet powerful C++ camera control API, suitable for applications requiring very precise control over the Nokia N900's sensor, lens, and flash.
Activity Percentile: 59.81
Activity Ranking: 44.00
Register Date: 2010-06-15 21:08

23. keepassx - KeePassX is an application for people with extremly high demands on secure personal data management.
Activity Percentile: 58.88
Activity Ranking: 45.00
Register Date: 2009-12-15 17:17

24. IPv6 Support for N900 - This project aims to bring IPv6 support for the Wi-Fi interface at a first moment, and later on to extend it to the 3G cellular interface as well.
Activity Percentile: 57.01
Activity Ranking: 47.00
Register Date: 2010-02-05 14:39

25. Yellow Notes Applet - This home applet lets you organize your ideas with a yellow sticky note in your Maemo desktop. Yellow Notes is totally configurable (doesn't have to be yellow!!!).
Activity Percentile: 56.07
Activity Ranking: 48.00
Register Date: 2007-02-22 17:33

26. LinuxMCE/Plutohome Orbiter - This is an application which implements a control panel for home automation system Plutohome/LinuxMCE for Nokia 770/N800/N810. OS2005, OS2006, OS2007 and OS2008 are supported.
  • Development Status: 4 - Beta [Filter]
  • Environment: X11 Applications [Filter]
  • Intended Audience: End Users/Desktop [Filter]
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) [Filter]
  • Maemo/Tablet OS version: All OS [Filter]
  • Natural Language: English [Filter]
  • Operating System: Linux [Filter]
  • Programming Language: C++ [Filter]
  • Topic: Human Machine Interfaces [Filter]
Activity Percentile: 50.47
Activity Ranking: 54.00
Register Date: 2007-01-23 10:33

27. boaFM - FM-radio - boaFM is an FM-radio application for Nokia N800 devices.
Activity Percentile: 49.53
Activity Ranking: 55.00
Register Date: 2009-02-08 20:31

28. Advanced Power - Battery statusbar applet with different addons.
Activity Percentile: 47.66
Activity Ranking: 57.00
Register Date: 2008-12-07 12:07

29. Hildon Input Method for Hebrew - A Hebrew virtual keyboard implemented as a Hildon input method plugin.
Activity Percentile: 45.79
Activity Ranking: 59.00
Register Date: 2008-02-01 16:00

30. dbuscron - The dbuscron is a cron-like DBUS messages scheduler. It has config file in format close to classic crontab format and can listen to both session and system buses as the same time.
Activity Percentile: 44.86
Activity Ranking: 60.00
Register Date: 2010-12-20 15:53

31. tkabber - Tkabber is a GUI client for XMPP (Jabber) instant messaging protocol. Tkabber is written in Tcl/Tk and thus is easily extensible.
Activity Percentile: 43.93
Activity Ranking: 61.00
Register Date: 2009-04-25 06:52

32. DatAble - A python based GUI front end to sqlite3. Allowing the creation,deletion and management of sqlite3 databases including creation, deletion and query of tables and records.
Activity Percentile: 41.12
Activity Ranking: 64.00
Register Date: 2008-01-21 19:15

33. Situare - Situare introduces a concept of &quot;social location&quot;. With Situare, you can share location information with your Facebook friends. This project will create an N900 compliant Maemo client for Situare service.
Activity Percentile: 40.19
Activity Ranking: 65.00
Register Date: 2010-03-02 08:44

34. Gtk Shishen Sho Mahjongg - Shishen Sho Mahjongg is a board game similar to Mahjongg. The goal is to remove all the tile pairs joining them with lines of no more than 3 segments. The game is written in Vala supports i386 and Maemo platforms.
Activity Percentile: 39.25
Activity Ranking: 66.00
Register Date: 2008-04-18 11:31

35. Tcl/Tk with Gnocl - Tcl is a very powerful but easy to learn dynamic programming language. Tk is a standard GUI toolkit for Tcl. Gnocl is another GUI toolkit, which implements GTK+ and Gnome bindings for Tcl with special emphasize on ease of use.
Activity Percentile: 38.32
Activity Ranking: 67.00
Register Date: 2007-05-01 18:26

36. doc Reader - doc Reader is a graphic utility that lets you view MS Word documents as plaintext or export them in text or PDF format using antiword utility. If you don't have antiword installed, don't forget to get the Maemo 2 port from http://erinye.com/maemo/
Activity Percentile: 35.51
Activity Ranking: 70.00
Register Date: 2007-02-01 18:52

37. GTK G-Rays 2 for maemo - &quot;GTK G-Rays 2 for maemo&quot; is a port of Jonathan Hudson's configuration and log download frontend for the Wintec WBT-201 (G-Rays 2) Bluetooth GPS datalogger to the &quot;maemo&quot; platform.
Activity Percentile: 34.58
Activity Ranking: 71.00
Register Date: 2007-10-04 09:30

38. Stylus Friendly RSS Home Applet - A slight variation of Nokia's OS2008 Feed Reader Applet that uses only 1 line per entry, showing more information on less space. Ideal for stylus usage and those who only want to read the headlines, not tap on them.
Activity Percentile: 30.84
Activity Ranking: 75.00
Register Date: 2009-02-20 18:07

39. Xword for Maemo - Xword for Maemo is a program for doing crossword puzzles. It is similar to Across Lite for Windows, and it can read and write puzzles in the .puz file format.
Activity Percentile: 29.91
Activity Ranking: 76.00
Register Date: 2008-03-07 00:22

40. PyAno - A piano for Maemo.
Activity Percentile: 28.04
Activity Ranking: 78.00
Register Date: 2008-08-10 21:22

366 projects in result set. Displaying 20 per page. Projects sorted by activity ranking.
<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <9> <10> <11> <12> <13> <14> <15> <16> <17> <18> <19>

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