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Rank Project Name Percentile
  1MIN Test Framework100%
  3Theme Hackers98.90%
  4Browser Switchboard98.35%
  5UK Media Player97.80%
  6Python for S6097.25%
  7BRisa UPnP96.70%
  9Flip Alarm Clock95.60%
  103D Mania Theme95.05%
  11dh-make-perl for Maemo94.50%
  12Phone Link93.95%
  13Maemo Multilingual Dictionary93.40%
  14maemo SDK+92.85%
  18USSD widget90.65%
  19Gnokii GConf90.10%
  20Maemo Browser89.56%
  22Ogg Vorbis support for maemo88.46%
  23Load Applet87.91%
  24Monkey Bubble87.36%
  25MythTV Maemo Port86.81%
  26Irreco - Ir Remote Control86.26%
  28Klingon PADD theme85.16%
  29Numpty Physics84.61%
  31OpenVPN Applet83.51%
  33PC Connectivity82.41%
  34Theme Maker81.86%
  36Scratchbox Remote Shell80.76%
  37Cell Phone Tool80.21%
  38Advanced Power79.67%
  41Plain Tcl/Tk 8.478.02%
  42Doom 3 PDA Theme77.47%
  44Finger Friendly Qt Widgets Library76.37%
  46GPS saver75.27%
  48Gene Cash's PIM Apps74.17%
  49Photographic light meter73.62%
  50Maemo tracker music support73.07%
  52Dorian E-Book Reader71.97%
  57Gtk Shishen Sho Mahjongg69.23%
  58gweled game68.68%
  61Xword for Maemo67.03%
  63Hildon Input Method for Hebrew65.93%
  64Yellow Notes Applet65.38%
  66Zip - Unzip64.28%
  67Large Statusbar Clock63.73%
  68Stupid Xray63.18%
  71Roadmap for Maemo61.53%
  72Thummim Reader60.98%
  77FCam Camera Control API58.24%
  78AbiWord, Internet Tablet Edition57.69%
  79GNUstep Maemo Port57.14%
  80Thomson Keys UI56.59%
  81Other Maemo Weather (MeeCast)56.04%
  82Google Data APIs Python Client Library55.49%
  84YouAmp Music Player54.39%
  85CGoban1 Maemo Port53.84%
  86Advanced Backlight Applet53.29%
  88Password Safe52.19%
  90Guile for the 77051.09%
  91Grsync for Maemo50.54%
  94Cmd Shortcuts48.90%
  95Gazpacho Maemo48.35%
  96black green grey rage icons47.80%
  97Quando Parte47.25%
  99Live Wallpaper46.15%
  101QwikScript Maemo Port45.05%
  103LinuxMCE/Plutohome Orbiter43.95%
  104Virtual Band43.40%
  105Gazpacho Hildon42.85%
  106TechnopodMan├é┬┤s 770 Themes42.30%
  110Last.fm scrobbler for the N90040.10%
  114Bullshit Bingo37.91%
  115Cps2Emu for N90037.36%
  116Plans Plant36.81%
  117GPS starter36.26%
  118Countdown Home35.71%
  119GPS server35.16%
  123fuelpad - fuel consumption tracking32.96%
  125qutIM - Instant Messenger31.86%
  128VPN GUI30.21%
  129Programmer's Calculator29.67%
  134Nepali Calendar26.92%
  135Physio Rep Counter26.37%
  136Tgame (Blocks Clone)25.82%
  137Maemo Mapper25.27%
  139Uptime home plugin24.17%
  142POSE PalmOS Emulator22.52%
  144Fillmore Multitrack recorder21.42%
  146pyculator home applet20.32%
  152zToDo - Task list manager17.03%
  155Color Lines15.38%
  158yandex search plugin13.73%
  160G-Speed Reader12.63%
  161hostmode easy now h-e-n12.08%
  162psi instant messenger11.53%
  167gCall Central8.791%
  169Maevies: A movie advisor for Maemo7.692%
  171Qt Meetings6.593%
  172Masquerade (iptables)6.043%
  175Bulgarian localization for Fremantle4.395%
  176Kannada Virtual KeyBoard3.846%
  180Media Converter1.648%
  181VICaR - Value International Call Router1.098%

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