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ID Summary Open Date Assigned To Submitted By
496Media Player can't stream from AccuRadio HitKast* 2007-02-20 22:56Markku VireNeil MacLeod
506Bluetooth pairing & DUN fails with SE W950i* 2007-02-22 16:48NobodyNeil MacLeod
735Can't press onscreen buttons* 2007-04-10 14:38NobodyLevi Bard
806Network does not support WPA2* 2007-05-02 04:33NobodyAri Koli
848No option for cover on 770 to disconnect networks and standby* 2007-05-16 15:26NobodyPhi D
955Swap marked as not enabled in gconf-editor, enabled in control panel* 2007-06-27 12:37NobodyDamien Challet
977deleting open e-mail when inbox is not open results in message not being deleted, possible crash to desktop* 2007-07-06 23:46NobodyJason Wiese
1157Skype doesn't work* 2007-09-08 09:15NobodyÁlvaro J. Iradier Muro
1159wifi auto-conect at bootup = gui fail to load correctly / reboot* 2007-09-09 16:13NobodyEtienne Chenard
1176Reboot while searching wifi AP* 2007-09-10 20:41NobodyEtienne Chenard
1182Latest ver of hacker edition media player seems to drop steam after short time* 2007-09-14 14:53Nobodyjeremy gillespie
1202Blue Tooth Drop Out* 2007-09-21 14:06NobodyJason Cole
1207Poor playback of iTunes encode aac files* 2007-09-24 11:55NobodyLatha Sunkan
1208770 reboots often when searching for WLAN networks* 2007-09-24 12:01NobodyLatha Sunkan
1214/var/run is in flash, not tmpfs* 2007-09-25 06:46NobodyLatha Sunkan
1215One should be able to define/select the default applications* 2007-09-25 06:53NobodyLatha Sunkan
1216standard user process environment lacks variables: USER, LOGNAME, SHELL* 2007-09-25 06:55NobodyLatha Sunkan
1217Mounting of NFS filesystems takes a long time* 2007-09-25 06:56NobodyLatha Sunkan
1218Unknown file type, mime db not read?* 2007-09-25 06:58NobodyLatha Sunkan
1219Marbles has problems with exploding stones* 2007-09-25 07:00NobodyLatha Sunkan
1220Bluetooth-Keyboard enables to reboot linux (hard?).* 2007-09-25 07:02NobodyLatha Sunkan
1222Graphics app has only one step undo* 2007-09-25 07:05NobodyLatha Sunkan
1223Graphics app cannot delete lines* 2007-09-25 07:07NobodyLatha Sunkan
1224Audio player should have enqueue option* 2007-09-25 07:09NobodyLatha Sunkan
1225Should be able to select home view feeds in "News Reader"* 2007-09-25 07:10NobodyLatha Sunkan
1226Doesn't play BBC audio streams in audio player* 2007-09-25 07:12NobodyLatha Sunkan
1227Audio player sometimes plays mp3's, but displaying that it has been stopped.* 2007-09-25 07:13NobodyLatha Sunkan
1228Confusing selecting behaviour in browser* 2007-09-25 07:15NobodyLatha Sunkan
1229Close>close window|close all windows and Window>New window/Message>Mew e-mail are confusing* 2007-09-25 07:17NobodyLatha Sunkan
1230Rendering Artifacts in Marbles Game* 2007-09-25 07:20NobodyLatha Sunkan
1231Marbles displays "finished" dialog one level too late* 2007-09-25 07:21NobodyLatha Sunkan
1232Marbles disappears if you hit home at the wrong time* 2007-09-25 07:22NobodyLatha Sunkan
1234Calculator exponent displays are improperly formatted* 2007-09-25 07:26NobodyLatha Sunkan
1235Clock application gets time wrong in Berlin timezone.* 2007-09-25 07:28NobodyLatha Sunkan
1236Number of entries in news applet should be configureable* 2007-09-25 07:29NobodyLatha Sunkan
1238Timezone for language german/deutsch is wrong: London* 2007-09-25 07:32NobodyLatha Sunkan
1239Non-descriptive error message in video-player* 2007-09-25 07:33NobodyLatha Sunkan
1240Two volume regulators are confusing sometimes* 2007-09-25 10:23NobodyLatha Sunkan
1241Audio Applet displays annoying popups.* 2007-09-25 10:25NobodyLatha Sunkan
1242Cursor Keys should scroll more smooth* 2007-09-25 10:30NobodyLatha Sunkan
1243podcasts not supported* 2007-09-25 10:33NobodyLatha Sunkan
1244missing text and controls on web page.* 2007-09-25 10:34NobodyLatha Sunkan
1245Hardware suggestion: Asymmetric cover* 2007-09-25 10:36NobodyLatha Sunkan
1246Pasting impossible from Add-Feed entry* 2007-09-25 10:38NobodyLatha Sunkan
1248Hardware-Suggestion: handling of hardware buttons* 2007-09-25 10:44NobodyLatha Sunkan
1249Hardware-Suggestion: Car holder* 2007-09-25 10:46NobodyLatha Sunkan
1250Hardware suggestion: improve lid of RS-MMC-slot* 2007-09-25 10:47NobodyLatha Sunkan
1251Hardware-suggestion: redesign the desk-stand* 2007-09-25 10:49NobodyLatha Sunkan
1252Hardware suggestion: optional markings to make devices distinguishable* 2007-09-25 10:50NobodyLatha Sunkan
1253Hardware suggestion: enable charging via USB* 2007-09-25 10:52NobodyLatha Sunkan
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