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[#1711] [chinook] Scrollbar position is lost in gtk.TextView when switching to/from fullscreen

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2007-12-01 06:13
Submitted By:
Igor Tkach (itkach)
Assigned To:
Lauro Moura (lmoura)
[chinook] Scrollbar position is lost in gtk.TextView when switching to/from fullscreen

Detailed description
TextView scrolls all the way to the end vertically and to beginning horizontally when switching to and from fullscreen
mode (TextView is in the right half of HPaned). Scrollbar's slider position should be preserved. This is OS2008 beta
with python2.5-runtime c1.0-2.


Date: 2007-12-05 20:31
Sender: Igor Tkach

Reported the issus in Maemo Bugzilla - bug #2469
Date: 2007-12-03 20:03
Sender: Lauro Moura

Well, this isn't a bug, but a "feature". Whenever a
text view is resized (calling size_allocate), it's scrolled back
to the cursor.

They tried to put this behavior in upstream, without success.
Date: 2007-12-03 19:56
Sender: Lauro Moura

This fits better in maemo bugzilla.

Another thing: Minimizing and restoring the window has the same
Date: 2007-12-03 18:55
Sender: Igor Tkach

I meant "Should this be filed as
a bug against Maemo rather then PyMaemo?", of course...
Date: 2007-12-03 18:50
Sender: Igor Tkach

While preparing test code I came to realize that this behavior
is due to TextView scrolling to cursor. This may be correct behavior
for editable text. Non-editable text behaves the same way though
and it is very confusing. I would think that in non-editable
text view cursor position shouldn't affect anything.

As a workaround, TextView's place_cursor_onscreen() can be invoked
before toggling full screen mode. This seem to improve behavior
a lot, but is not reliable. Uncomment commented lines to see
how behavior changes.

My ultimate goal is to make sure that text that was at the beginning
of viewport stays at the beginning when toggling full screen
mode. It's hard to implement when TextView has a mind of it's

I'm not sure it's Python specific, but it must be Maemo specific.
Desktop GTK doesn't seem to have this problem (using maximize
as rough equivalent of full screen). Should this be filed as
a bug against Maemo rather then Maemo? Can you suggest any other

Thank you,
Date: 2007-12-03 18:48
Sender: Lauro Moura

I've just uploaded two examples (C/Python) with a GtkTextView
inside a GtkScrolled. Running the python version on my desktop
(Ubuntu Gutsy) shows the same problem: After coming back from
fullscreen, the sliders are at the beginning of the buffer (top

This looks like upstream issue.
Date: 2007-12-03 14:26
Sender: Lauro Moura

Hi Igor, could you provide some test code?

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Field Old Value Date By
close_date2007-12-03 20:042007-12-03 20:04lmoura
status_idOpen2007-12-03 20:04lmoura
File Added192: textviewscroll.py2007-12-03 18:53itkach
ResolutionAwaiting Response2007-12-03 18:48lmoura
Targetarmel2007-12-03 18:48lmoura
assigned_tonone2007-12-03 18:48lmoura
File Deleted189: slider_bug.py2007-12-03 18:44lmoura
File Added191: slider_bug.py2007-12-03 18:44lmoura
File Added190: test.c2007-12-03 18:39lmoura
File Added189: slider_bug.py2007-12-03 18:39lmoura
ResolutionNone2007-12-03 14:26lmoura
close_date1970-01-01 00:002007-12-03 14:26lmoura
summaryScrollbar position is lost in gtk.TextView when switching to/from fullscreen2007-12-03 14:26lmoura

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