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[#1571] Avahi packages

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2007-10-31 10:44
Submitted By:
Ludovic Courtès (civodul)
Assigned To:
Nobody (None)
Avahi packages

Detailed description

Attached is a MUD XML file for `libdaemon', a dependency of Avahi, and a patch against the `avahi' source package currently
in Debian sid (0.6.21).  The patch disables a number of packages built from the source package (e.g., the Python related
one), removes dependency on `lsb-base' for `avahi-daemon' and `avahi-dnsconfd', removes compilation of manpages, and
allows it to build with Debhelper 4.  The reduced set of dependencies makes it much easier to build.

Note: when installing `avahi-daemon', the D-Bus daemon is restarted, which somehow leads to a reboot of the device.
I don't know how to avoid it.

I'm not sure how to integrate the latter in MUD.  Clearly, having an `avahi.xml' with <fetch type="debian">,
along with the patch under `mud-builder/packages/patch/avahi.patch' wouldn't work because MUD would apply the patch
after fetching all of the dependencies.  Maybe we could simply use a <command> tag that does "apt-get source
... && patch ...".



Date: 2007-11-05 16:50
Sender: Ludovic Courtès

It just occurred to me that, for some reason, `dpkg-shlibdeps'
did not find `libdaemon1' as a dependency of `avahi-daemon':

  dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: unable to find dependency information
for shared library libdaemon (soname 0, path,
dependency field Depends)

Thus, `avahi-daemon' does not include `libdaemon1' as its

I suspect the fact that <library> tags are not honored
could be at fault: the libdaemon package gets named `libdaemon1',
while it should really be `libdaemon0', and the library's so
name is indeed `'.  Any help would be appreciated.
Date: 2007-11-01 10:58
Sender: Ludovic Courtès

Thanks for the hint, Graham.  Were you able to build the thing
with the resulting XML file?
Date: 2007-10-31 18:10
Sender: Graham Cobb

For the dependency issue: if I modify the dependencies I specify
the new list of dependencies in the <fetch> section of
the package file, so it overrides the automatic use of the debian

Date: 2007-10-31 16:49
Sender: Ludovic Courtès

Attached an updated patch that changes the postinst script of
`avahi-daemon' so that it doesn't restart the D-Bus system bus
(otherwise installation can never complete, leaving `dpkg' in
an unusable state).
Date: 2007-10-31 10:45
Sender: Ludovic Courtès

And here's the patch against the `avahi' Debian package.

Attached Files:

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Field Old Value Date By
File Added156: avahi.diff2007-10-31 16:49civodul
File Added155: avahi.diff2007-10-31 10:45civodul
File Added154: libdaemon.xml2007-10-31 10:44civodul

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