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[#2579] Downloaded Temp Files not Being Renamed = wasted downloads, missed episodes

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2008-05-31 08:12
Submitted By:
Tom Hawley (tomhawley)
Assigned To:
Nobody (None)
Downloaded Temp Files not Being Renamed = wasted downloads, missed episodes

Detailed description
Good morning,

If some of the details in the header are wrong its because I couldn't really see how I could select the right parameters.
This is a maemo bug tracker though so I will assume this is the right place. The version is actually 2007.51-1 running
on maemo OS2008, in my case on an N800.

This bug is quite serious. Before I understood what was going on it was most disconcerting. I would refresh feeds, download
a podcast episode and sometimes it would appear in the Media Player, other times it wouldn't.

Launching the just downloaded file from the application itself most of the time worked as long as it was in the same
session. Later, clicking the "Play" button lead to "File not Found" and the button reverting to
say "Download".

The only other symptom appears to be that if the problem is occurring, the just downloaded file doesn't appear in the
"My Videos" list. It took me a while to notice this because I tend not to look at it.

I eventually yesterday worked out the cause of this confusion, so I'm hoping it can be rectified, because this is a
great application for handling RSS feeds with enclosures, even if it's geared towards video and I tend to use it for
audio - there's nothing quite like it.

Video Center, as you know, downloads files to their destination using a . (dot/period) at the start of the filename;
essentially a temporary hidden file. When the download completes, something triggers that renames the file, removing
the . and inserts it into the "My Videos" list.

The above is what's not happening. It seems to be for all episodes in certain feeds. When I browse the videos folder
with ls -a I can see the completed download sitting there still with the . at the front. If I launch it immediately
from the application and then show file details in Media Player, I can see the . in the filename. The reason I can't
see it in the Media Library in the player, is simply that this doesn't pick up files starting with a .

What I can assume is a garbage collection means that these temp files get removed when the application is either closed
or next launched - this then leads to the "File not Found" behavior on clicking "Play" as its looking
for the temporary file that it just deleted.

Two feeds i'm seeing consistently suffer from this problem are:

Whilst this problem occurs I only really have two options:

1. After downloads ls -a the videos folder and rename any . files to stop them from being automatically deleted and
make them appear in the Media Library.

2. Live with the issue and just re-download where necessary.

I don't like either option. The first is time consuming, and the second finds me on the road realising I don't have
half the files I thought I had downloaded, and no connection again until I get home.

So, I would love to see this problem addressed, particularly as before I started manifesting itself, the application
worked perfectly for many, many months.

If i've missed any vital information please let me know and i'll be quick to provide it.



Date: 2008-09-07 21:24
Sender: Tom Hawley

Glad it's not just me. Obviously Nokia have no interest in looking
at this, which is a shame as it's a great application. Probably
better for what I use it for (podcasts) than for what it's actually
intended to be (videos).

I have at least now simplified my workaround to a Python script
that renames all files starting with the dot, so I can update,
download then issue one command in the terminal to sort out all
of the affected files in one go. Wish I didn't need to though.

Given that I submitted the bug in May I don't think it has anything
to do with the last few OS updates. I can't even check the dates
on the updates as the main isn't responding at the
moment, but diablo was after I reported this bug, and from memory
there were only a small number of updates to OS2008 early on
in the year. This was happening before diablo and it's still
happening now.

The feeds with the problems now are the same feeds that first
developed them. No others ever go this way, and rarely do the
bad ones ever not go this way. I think for the first time this
week I saw one that did - the filmspotting podcast changed it's
file naming convention for a best of edition and that one renamed
itself. Nothing on that feed has renamed itself since this problem
first began.

It's hard to find any consistency that might point to the cause
of these problems, and even if I had it entirely figured out,
I still doubt we could convince anyone to fix it. Shame there's
no community led viable alternative to videocenter, because
considering it's software that appears in a major repository,
there seems to be no interest whatsoever in maintaining it.
Date: 2008-09-07 15:58
Sender: Luc Stepniewski

I have exactly the same problem, for

When I log on the Nokia (810) using SSH, I can see the dot files,
but they are not renamed. I think it has something to do with
an update to the OS, as it was working several months ago.

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