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[#4666] some more ESbox VM UI tweaks

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2009-10-13 15:13
Submitted By:
Ed Swartz (eswartz)
Assigned To:
Ed Swartz (eswartz)
some more ESbox VM UI tweaks

Detailed description
1) There are still some small steps to reduce confusion in the Shared Folders page.

-- we need an explicit link to the Shared Folders docs from the pref page.  It may not be obvious how to find help

2) When validating machines, check that a share which is expected to be writeable is not mounted read-only.

> Also can it check that we have full control defined? If only read access is defined, button shows green and validation
passes, but building of project fails then...

3) When validating, we also need to avoid errors if Scratchbox is not yet installed (as may happen when first installing
a VM through the wizard).

> Should we add instructions that validate machine does not pass totally before scratchbox is installed?
> Anyway now the error text is more user friendly as earlier (user got just permission denied) 


Date: 2009-12-09 12:54
Sender: Arto Hyvarinen

Verified with Esbox_build.635.
Date: 2009-11-10 17:15
Sender: Ed Swartz

1) There is a help topic linked from the shared folder page (you
need to have focus on some widget in that pane)

2) Added checks for expected read/write status of shares.  Mounts
from host should be writeable.  Mounts from VM only need to be

3) We won't make noisy complaints about shares that don't exist
yet, like /scratchbox.  (There is still a note though.)

Henry's issue:  I couldn't reproduce this in any OS.  Using the
button, the selection is always honored and reflected in the
UI, whether using the mouse only or the keyboard only.  Maybe
you saw the error message for the next scratchbox share instead?
Date: 2009-10-14 13:55
Sender: Ed Swartz

* Another issue: when editing a path, and using the "..."
button, does not properly initiate a refresh of the share status.

Henry says:

I added share by pressing the button at the end of share path.
Seems that you need to remove some text from the share path,
press enter. Then add correct path and press enter. This way
information is updated. If you just operate with your mouse,
information is not updated (I also tried to set cursor on the
path and press enter, no updates).

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Field Old Value Date By
ResolutionFixed2009-12-09 12:54arhyvari
ResolutionNone2009-11-10 17:15eswartz
assigned_tonone2009-11-10 17:15eswartz

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