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[#4696] C/C++ programs cannot be terminated in SBRSH sandbox mode

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2009-10-20 08:18
Submitted By:
Juha Hentunen (juhentun1)
Assigned To:
Ed Swartz (eswartz)
C/C++ programs cannot be terminated in SBRSH sandbox mode

Detailed description
C/C++ programs cannot be terminated  using Console window terminate button
(run, ltrace, valgrind cases).

Debug works OK.


Date: 2009-12-15 08:15
Sender: Juha  Hentunen

Verified with mica_esbox_pluthon_3.4.2_build.636.
Date: 2009-11-24 16:46
Sender: Ed Swartz

Fixed in Mica rev 3452.
Date: 2009-11-23 20:22
Sender: Ed Swartz

When we start a program, we gather the tree of processes spawned
by the launch.  But in SBRSH sandbox mode, there is a huge delay
before the program is actually launched, that our "tree"
is just a single entry with the outermost shell that runs

Since it's a given (at least in Diablo and Fremantle, etc.) that will launch a child process for the application,
we can extend our process gathering to wait for that child process
to actually appear before deciding we've found the tree.
Date: 2009-11-19 04:56
Sender: Ed Swartz

Updating subject line to match.
Date: 2009-11-06 09:49
Sender: Juha  Hentunen

If used SBRSH download method with sandbox mode on then user
can't terminate application with Terminate button.( tested using
c helloworld project/diablo/N810)
no sandmox mode works Ok.

Logs attached.

Verified tests below was done using SSH download method.
Date: 2009-11-06 06:46
Sender: Juha  Hentunen

Verified using build mica_esbox_pluthon_3.4.2_build.577.
Tested in Linux environment (bug detected in Linux).

Tested run, valgring and ltrace operations using Diablo
and Freamantle. Both locally (run, valgrind, ltrace) and remotely
(run,ltrace). All tests passed (terminate button worked
Date: 2009-11-02 21:42
Sender: Ed Swartz

Could you clarify which configuration you were running?  (scratchbox?
device? which device?)

Also, please attach a command log.
Date: 2009-11-02 10:17
Sender: Juha  Hentunen

Failed using build mica_esbox_pluthon_3.4.2_build.566. (ltrace
Date: 2009-10-21 22:52
Sender: Ed Swartz

Fixed in ESbox rev 2336 and Mica rev 3204.

Attached Files:

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Field Old Value Date By
ResolutionFixed2009-12-15 08:15juhentun1
ResolutionAccepted as a Bug2009-11-24 16:46eswartz
ResolutionNone2009-11-23 20:22eswartz
VersionNone2009-11-23 20:22eswartz
summaryC/C++ programs cannot be terminated 2009-11-19 04:56eswartz
File Added653: org.maemo.esbox.product.esbox_commands_577.txt2009-11-06 09:49juhentun1
File Added652: sbrsh.log2009-11-06 09:49juhentun1
ResolutionVerified2009-11-06 09:49juhentun1
ResolutionAwating Response2009-11-06 06:46juhentun1
ResolutionNone2009-11-05 14:21eswartz
ResolutionFixed2009-11-02 10:17juhentun1
ResolutionAccepted as a Bug2009-10-21 22:52eswartz
ResolutionNone2009-10-20 15:56eswartz
assigned_tonone2009-10-20 15:56eswartz

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