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[#4789] Server image should remove Scratchbox 2 entries

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2009-11-12 08:48
Submitted By:
Arto Hyvarinen (arhyvari)
Assigned To:
Raul Herbster (raul)
Server image should remove Scratchbox 2 entries

Detailed description
Maemo-sdk repository (sb2) should be removed /etc/apt/sources.list

? Installing Maemo 4 Series (Diablo)

? Fetching installer script from

? Running installer script...
This script will install Scratchbox 1.0.11 'apophis' release to your computer.

Install options

Install from packages=apt
Scratchbox install path=/scratchbox
Scratchbox group=sbox
armel compiler=cs2005q3.2-glibc2.5-arm
i386 compiler=cs2005q3.2-glibc2.5-i386
armel devkits=perl:debian-etch:maemo3-tools:cputransp
i386 devkits=perl:debian-etch:maemo3-tools
armel CPU transparency=qemu-arm-0.8.2-sb2

Checking for prerequisites

Running as user root... yes
Not running as user root inside fakeroot... yes
Running outside of scratchbox... yes
Running on Linux kernel... yes
Running on i386 architecture... yes
Host kernel binfmt_misc support... yes
Host kernel VDSO support... yes
No host kernel SELinux extensions... yes
Host kernel local IPv4 port range... yes
Scratchbox installation not existing... yes
grep: /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/*: No such file or directory
No conflicting binfmt_misc interpreter... yes
Scratchbox user names... maemo yes

Everything seems to be ok.
Ign intrepid Release.gpg
Ign maemo4-sdk Release.gpg
Get:1 intrepid Release [193B]
Get:2 maemo4-sdk Release [234B]
Ign maemo4-sdk/main Packages
Ign intrepid/main Packages
Hit maemo4-sdk/main Packages
Get:3 intrepid/main Packages [1708B]
Hit intrepid Release.gpg
Get:4 intrepid-updates Release.gpg [189B]
Hit intrepid Release
Get:5 intrepid-updates Release [51.2kB]
Hit intrepid/main Packages
Hit intrepid/restricted Packages
Hit intrepid/main Sources
Hit intrepid/restricted Sources
Hit intrepid/universe Packages
Hit intrepid/universe Sources
Hit intrepid/multiverse Packages
Hit intrepid/multiverse Sources
Get:6 intrepid-updates/main Packages [370kB]
Get:7 intrepid-updates/restricted Packages [8448B]
Get:8 intrepid-updates/main Sources [118kB]
Get:9 intrepid-updates/restricted Sources [2471B]
Get:10 intrepid-updates/universe Packages [131kB]
Get:11 intrepid-updates/universe Sources [32.8kB]
Get:12 intrepid-updates/multiverse Packages [14.8kB]
Get:13 intrepid-updates/multiverse Sources [5052B]
Ign ubuntu-intrepid Release.gpg
Ign ubuntu-intrepid Release
Ign ubuntu-intrepid/free Packages
Err ubuntu-intrepid/free Packages
  404 Not Found
Get:14 intrepid-security Release.gpg [189B]
Get:15 intrepid-security Release [51.2kB]
Get:16 intrepid-security/main Packages [171kB]
Get:17 intrepid-security/restricted Packages [3895B]
Get:18 intrepid-security/main Sources [44.7kB]
Get:19 intrepid-security/restricted Sources [1144B]
Get:20 intrepid-security/universe Packages [75.7kB]
Get:21 intrepid-security/universe Sources [16.7kB]
Get:22 intrepid-security/multiverse Packages [6737B]
Get:23 intrepid-security/multiverse Sources [1851B]
Fetched 1110kB in 6s (182kB/s)
W: Failed to fetch
404 Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
E: Running apt-get update failed.
E: Please correct the problem with apt and try again.
E: Or try an alternative installation method.

? Installer script exited with code 1

? Adding installation to preferences...

? Refreshing installed targets...


Date: 2009-11-24 23:41
Sender: Ed Swartz

This was fixed in the recent image on Raul's site:

It will be some time before this actually arrives on the public
server, so leaving as "accepted" until then.

Attached Files:

Name Download
No Files Currently Attached


Field Old Value Date By
ResolutionNone2009-11-17 23:15eswartz
VersionNone2009-11-17 23:15eswartz
summaryMaemo SDK VM Installer: Scratchbox 1 SDK installation was canceled2009-11-17 23:14eswartz
assigned_tonone2009-11-17 23:14eswartz
assigned_tofabricioepa2009-11-12 13:59fabricioepa
assigned_tonone2009-11-12 10:29fabricioepa

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