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[#561] python-dbus: Outdated upstream version with Python 2.5 compatibility problems

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2007-03-06 16:16
Submitted By:
Simon McVittie (smcv)
Assigned To:
Nobody (None)
python-dbus: Outdated upstream version with Python 2.5 compatibility problems

Detailed description
dbus-python 0.7x was written using Pyrex. The upstream version of Pyrex generates bad code for Python 2.5 (bug#560, leading to strange
failures - typically, when an exception is thrown, it's replaced by an obscure TypeError.

There are two possible solutions:

1) Fix bug#560, then rebuild python-dbus using the fixed version of Pyrex.

2) Upgrade to dbus-python 0.80, in which I rewrote the Pyrex code in plain C, removing this issue (and also carried
out a lot of API cleanup).

I consider dbus-python 0.80 to be the better option, but it does have a problem on Maemo - in Scratchbox, the mkdir
binary in $PATH is actually a Python wrapper around /bin/mkdir for some reason.

This doesn't run correctly when the autotools build changes directory into dbus-python-0.80.x/dbus/ because Python's tries to do "import types", and inside the dbus directory, instead of the top-level types module,
this actually gives you dbus.types, which has entirely different contents!

dbus/ can't just be deleted, since it's part of dbus-python's public API.

One possible hack around this would be to create a temporary directory, symlink in /bin/mkdir and prepend it to $PATH
during the build.

Another possible hack (used when packaging dbus-python internally within Nokia, for Python 2.4) would be to rename
dbus/ to, say, dbus/, then rename it back after "make install" runs.

The correct solution would be to make Scratchbox's mkdir less fragile.


Date: 2007-04-24 19:10
Sender: Luciano Wolf

Using option 1). We are not using a new python-dbus because Maemo
uses an old dbus version.

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close_date2007-05-16 01:172007-05-16 01:17lucianomw
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