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2011-08-20 Alberto MardeganAdd a "idle" method to the state structure fremantle
2011-08-20 Alberto MardeganNeverputt: pause audio when in pause state
2011-07-13 Alberto MardeganVersion 1.5.5-3 fremantle/1.5.5-3
2011-07-13 Alberto MardeganPutt: call maemo_init()
2011-07-13 Alberto MardeganPackaging: add section to data packages
2011-07-13 Alberto MardeganVersion 1.5.5-2 fremantle/1.5.5-2
2011-07-13 Alberto MardeganPutt: touchscreen controls
2011-07-13 Alberto MardeganQuick hack to get decent performance
2011-07-13 Alberto MardeganPort image_save to GLES 1.1
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganAdd Debian packaging
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganUpdate .gitignore
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganNever use more than 16bpp on textures
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganImplement pausing
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganUse touchscreen to rotate the view left/right
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganUse fast FPU mode
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganUse libosso to prevent screen blanking
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganDecrease updates per second
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganTreat angle values as floating point numbers
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganImprove Maemo accelerometer handling
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganSupport N900 accelerometer
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganAdjust default config settings
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganPrevent switching to windowed mode
2011-07-12 Alberto MardeganBuild in Maemo/scratchbox
2011-07-10 elviztennis.map: Texture tweak trunk
2011-07-09 elvizUpdate mtrl/brown
2011-07-07 parastiItalian translation update
2011-07-06 elvizUpdate mtrl/leaf
2011-07-06 parastiMerge branch 'gles'
2011-07-06 parastiItalian translation update
2011-06-30 parastiItalian translation
2011-06-22 elvizspacetime.map: Tweak
2011-06-19 elvizspacetime.map: Tweak
2011-06-13 parastiNorwegian Nynorsk translation update
2011-06-05 elvizufo.map: Make fighters smoother
2011-06-04 parastiFix less-than-zero comparison on unsigned integers
2011-06-02 elvizufo.map: Tweak
2011-05-29 elviztree.map: Fix leaf transparency
2011-04-09 parastiSet GL pixel row alignment to be 1, not the default 4
2011-04-05 parastiFix title screen fly-by initialization
2011-03-24 parastiFix typo
2011-03-24 elvizReduce width of gradient textures
2011-03-19 parastiNaming tweaks: outside/trigger/inside -> outside/inside...
2011-03-15 parastiDefine the glActiveTextureARB pointer type unconditionally
2011-03-15 parastiFix mapc dependence on share/glext.h
2011-03-14 elvizNevermania: Texture tweaks
2011-03-13 parastiClip shadow above ball with a texture
2011-03-13 parastiTweak shadow code to keep the transforms in one place
2011-03-13 parastiMove lines around
2011-03-12 tonesfrommarsset-tones.txt: puncuation.
2011-03-12 tonesfrommarstones/bumperoo.map: fix coin values.
2011-03-12 tonesfrommarsbigpipe.map: add funhouse rotation to big pipe. Too...
2011-03-12 elvizNevermania: Add ladybirds.map
2011-03-11 parastiGenerate texture coordinates for ball shadow
2011-03-09 elvizmapc: Allow more (temporary) edges
2011-03-07 parastiCache and share base SOL data
2011-02-27 elvizNevermania: Add rings.map
2011-02-25 parastiFix naming inconsistency
2011-02-24 parastiOpt not to crash when loading level SOLs with no balls
2011-02-24 parastiTolerate mismatching number of levels in the score...
2011-02-23 elvizSet svn:eol-style=native for some more text files
2011-02-23 elvizNevermania: Dial down sharpening of level shots
2011-02-20 tonesfrommarsadd tones level set
2011-02-19 elvizdiscs.map: Use standard turf texture and switch to...
2011-02-19 elvizNevermania: Replace uses of poof-blue with orb-blue
2011-02-19 elvizAdd new billboard for marking platform paths
2011-02-17 parastiFix lookaround mode without changing lerp alpha, also...
2011-02-17 parastiFix lookaround mode
2011-02-17 parastiRandom cleanup
2011-02-15 parastiFix interpolation in fall-out and goal screens
2011-02-12 parastiFix crash on attemp to render missing background
2011-02-11 parastiFix misnamed function
2011-02-11 parastiFix interpolation in title screen replays
2011-02-11 parastiImplement particle interpolation
2011-02-11 elvizslope.map: Tiny texture fix
2011-02-11 parastiFix glitches in teleport interpolation
2011-02-11 parastiTrack command state in a structure
2011-02-11 parastiPass the interpolation blend factor differently
2011-02-11 parastiFix missing do-while wrappers for macros
2011-02-11 parastiOrthonormalize the interpolated reference frame
2011-02-10 parastiImplement game state interpolation (WIP)
2011-02-10 parastiMove reflective flag to SOL draw structure
2011-02-10 parastiSplit SOL data structures into base, varying and render...
2011-02-09 elvizsparselines.map: Re-texture level as per RlksNotes
2011-02-09 elvizramps.map: Caution texture tweaks
2011-02-07 tonesfrommarsgolf-jambalaya: visibility adjustment and hole texture...
2011-02-07 elvizadventure.map: Reduce decoration overload
2011-02-06 elvizhardrise.map: Use standard edge parameters
2011-02-05 tonesfrommarsspiraldn.map: glass-dark under final ramp for speed...
2011-02-05 tonesfrommarstimer-test_2.map: add rotation shadow bug demo.
2011-02-05 elvizufo.map: Reverse order of poof billboards to improve...
2011-02-05 elvizdiscs.map: Use traditional coin pads and add caution...
2011-02-03 tonesfrommarsgolf_jambalaya: still tweekin.
2011-01-31 tonesfrommarsgolf-jambalaya: some more fixes.
2011-01-30 tonesfrommarsgreens.png: adjusted color balance to get rid of murky...
2011-01-30 parastiRemove an unnecessary widget extent check
2011-01-30 parastiImplement arbitrary GUI fillers and fix ball screen...
2011-01-30 parastiFix a crash in replay screen on empty replay directory
2011-01-30 tonesfrommarsvoodoo.map minor tweeks.
2011-01-30 tonesfrommarsgolf-jambalaya: rework voodoo.map. Craziest putt hole...
2011-01-30 tonesfrommarsgolf-jambalaya: remove some whitespace and minor fixes.

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