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Create an utility which tests that kernel and kernel modules works power management wise.


  • Load all modules stated in modules.dep file one by one
  • Test that system enters suspend while module loaded
  • Test that system enters dynamic sleep while module loaded
  • Test that suspend and dynamic sleep works after module has been removed
  • Log all test results into log file
  • Option to disable particular test
  • Run test two times by default to find problems caused by invalid (de)initialization, option to change it
  • Option to run tests in random order to find problems where some other module luckily initialized things correctly
  • Option to use insmod instead of modprobe to prevent modules.dep regeneration while testing one module

Current state

pm-test achieves objectives and implements all current features.





Kernel needs to have working power management support. Currently linux-omap master doesn't have it, use pm-0 branch instead. You need to enable power management support by setting CONFIG_PM=y and suspend CONFIG_SUSPEND=y. PM-tester also needs to have PM debug and debug fs enabled, CONFIG_PM_DEBUG=y and CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y.


While testing only only module use -m <module_name> or --module=<module_name> option to test only that one module.

Running pm_test without any parameters runs all tests twice for all modules. Useful when testing whole system but takes lots of time on high number of modules.

Useful command line options

  • Power management tests could be skipped by using --no_pm_test command line option thus testing only module loading and unloading.
  • To disable suspend or sleep while idle tests use --no_suspend or --no_idle options.
  • One module could be tested with --module=<module name> or -m <module name> options.
  • Loading modules and testing tests in random order happens with --random option.
  • To load modules other than default two times use -o <n> or --load_count=<n> option.
  • To run tests other than default two times use -c <n> or --test_count=<n> option.
  • Using --verbose utility prints test results for each module and how many times every powerdomain has changed state. Useful when testing one module.
  • Change log file with -l <log_file> of --log_file=<log_file> options
  • See /usr/share/doc/pm_test/README for full list of options

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