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June 2008 Sprint



Brought from February and March

- API downloads fixed - Henri/Niels First part done, rest will be done during cleanup phase related to deprecated API feature - Google Search fix - Marcell

Brought forward from May

  • Implement ServerInfraPlan - Marcell to get things from ISP, then Nemein continues until done. needs scheduling when we know server availability
    • Cache issues: images not served, old stuff out, not updating, wiki redirect? - Eero (From February. Can wait to new server infra).
    • Plan for login issues (From March. Depends on infrastructure improvement) - Eero
  • Documenting in maemo.org the web development process. Dave - Sprint planning is described at https://wiki.maemo.org/100Days/Sprint2
  • improve promotion interface - Niels (Made a lot of progress, still needs work)
  • bugzilla authentication using garage accounts - Ferenc
  • Wiki reorg:
    • Fix bug #1587 - Dave - moving to July, and merging with the wiki clean-up item Progress: None. I concentrated on day-to-day tasks, such as announcing the logo competition, finishing the content migration from the old wiki, the "Who's who in Maemo" task, getting some official documentation (in Beta) imported into the wiki, and learning Asgard & Midgard enough to create a new Intro section.
    • Proposal for content migration to MediaWiki? - or just do it - Done
  • Proposal agreed with Marius on better extras categories and debtags - Niels Talked to Marius, he welcomed community contribution and cooperation. Need to setup a wiki page with proposal
  • automatic updating of maemo.org/downloads on upload to extras. - Niels 80% done
  • Brainstorm site: Investigate how we could do this, find out what software Ubuntu are using. Make proposal on brainstorming site before end of May - Oskari scheduled for H2
  • Publish a "Who's who in maemo", including Nokia engineers working with the community, contractors and volunteers. Encourage people to update their information to keep the document up to date - Part of https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Defining_maemo - Dave connected to user profiles? - Progress : Initial proposal made privately for Nokia employees, everyone contacted for permission to be listed in a site aggregating all Nokia people working on Maemo, idea is still being refined.
    • Documenting companies involved in maemo development. - Part of https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Defining_maemo - Dave - First draft underway, but incomplete - Progress: Draft in progress. Will raise priority level.

New tasks

  • Registration and sponsorship for maemo summit - Oskari/Bergie ready for testing on internal
  • Triage current Maemo bugs with critical severity/high priority - Andre/Karsten - Done
  • Clean up old non-enhancement bugs and set to 'moreinfo' if required - Andre/Karsten in progress
  • Come up with a Triage Guide, see http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail//maemo-developers/2008-June/033719.html - Andre/Karsten
  • bugzilla usability enhancements and reporting features - Andre/Karsten - in progress, most important enhancements done, reporting tools pending
  • Forum interface to mailing lists released - Bergie changes in mailman have introduced bug, under work
  • User profile improvements defined and started - Part of https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Defining_maemo - Oskari new profile page UI sketched, needs implementation
  • Move maemo2midgard list and wiki to main - Ferenc
  • Clean up the Intro section - Peter Text completed at https://wiki.maemo.org/User:Peterschneider , partially moved to http://maemo.org/intro/
  • Wiki reorg/100 days: Review all pages migrated to the new wiki, no pages remaining in Category:Midgard article by the end of the month - really the same thing as bug #1587 - Dave No progress made, bumping to July sprint
  • Bug #101: Propose initial sets of official documents to migrate to MediaWiki, and permissions structure to adopt for articles - Dave - Initial proposal made, I'm unclear what the next step is - seems like it's now in Nokia's court
  • Bug #95: Document .desktop file format correctly - Progress: Not much. I propose creating a Wiki page to document format, and be done with it. - Dave


  1. start nagging developers on urgent issues (depends on the yet to create "Who's who" list). - Andre/Karsten
  2. Define maemo.org policies for things like editbugs, getting @maemo.org email addresses, and if it doesn't exist, getting svn access - Dave
  3. Proposal for http://maemo.org/community/
  4. Documenting better Nokia contributions to open source projects, complement of http://opensource.nokia.com
  5. Karma plugin for MediaWiki?.
  6. News archives improved. part of H2 plan for Nemein
  7. Karma for applications part of H2 plan for Nemein
  8. Porting developer.gnome.org to handle API documentation
  9. Start collecting product specific standard "need more info" questions to improve the feedback quality of the reports (before developers take a look) - Andre/Karsten
  10. (pending on previous issue) assign all open bugs to correct default assignees. there's a total of 1227 open bugs, 831 of them assigned to nobody@maemo.org. many reporters have the impression that nobody cares at all about their reports. -Andre/Karsten
  11. come up with a plan to create aliases as default assignees for components. get rid of "nobody@maemo.org" default assignee. urge developers to add themselves to the watchlist for products they are/feel responsible for. - Andre/Karsten

Do you feel like owning one of this tasks and push it? Let us know at maemo2midgard-discussion at garage.maemo.org


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